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Every amazing idea occurs while doing the most mundane actions. The story of Envirofoods can attest the same. Our story started with different vegetables splattered across the kitchen roof just to create the perfect flavours of cold-pressed juices. Upon the successful creation of the juices, we decided not to limit ourselves only to potable products, and create something more solid and super healthy.

BioMill, Instant Mixes and many more followed shortly. The range of our products is increasing and will continue to increase. Identifying the nutrients that are lacking in our diets, we have crafted our products in a way that will fill up that void and will in turn make you feel satisfied.

Although all of us have our own distinct dietary ways, it was found that we lack certain nutrients. Thus, with the sole aim of providing you with those lackluster nutrients in your daily diet, Envirofoods promises you a wide range of healthy products.

Today, Envirofoods is an fssai approved brand and has created a loyal family of not only employees but also vendors. All of us have left no stone unturned in ensuring that you get the best of the best products. We promise you a wide range of easy-to consume and pocket-friendly products. Our mantra is simple, “Healthier, Stronger, Happier” and we ensure that it is achieved in all our products. Always.
Who is envirofoods

we are envirofoods and we have a variety of healthy and tasty products for your well-being

what is envirofoods

we give you a wholesome package containing all nutrients

when did envirofoods start

what started off as an experiment in the kitchen is now a growing family of health-lovers.

where can you find envirofoods

Through traditional channels and ecommerce portals